Being a first timer for this challenge is all the more exciting but am equally anxious with the daily posting as it was never my regular practise 😉 And the theme…ahhh!!

After twisting my brain this way and that while at work, I figured it, which is…

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

and that exactly is my theme.

All about the fun, frolic and the rats race at work (A to Z things we encounter at work)with tips here and there to help all the rats out there for HAPPY WORKING

With a mix of different forms of poetry i.e; Free verse, ABAB, AABB, Nonet, Tanka, Haiku and all yummy yummy rhyme and rhythms coming your way  to rejuvenate your mind without taxing it 😉


As the countdown began with the A to Z blogging challenge 2014 round the corner, guys I keep my fingers crossed