Boss is one such word in the corporate industry which is a deciding factor for many reasons.And the Boss-Subordinate relation is most sensitive issue in the entire industry.If all is well between them,its the best part,else,all hell breaks loose.

The feelings of a subordinate towards his #Boss is expressed here:

Dear Lord,what did you do?

To our beloved,who came to seek you

Owl like eyes and fanny ears,

To his shaven head,three cheers!imagesCAB89XCX

With five foot to the ground,

Spies all around

And fires at few,

“Understanding are you’’?

Hands tucked in his pocket,

Raises high as a rocket,

With a frown on his face,

And his smile gives one a scare.

Finds work at the eleventh hour,

To him,it is very dear,

Pleased he is sometimes though,

Skeptically says, ‘’you move on now’’.

Smiles at his wit which is absurd,

Seems like a New Guinea bird.

To describe, this may sound folly,

But, he looks like the cook in Ratatouille


© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


For those who are not aware, Heres a common situation between a boss and a subordinate.

Now let me present the ugly truth!!!


Copy of brave one
The more number on the top,more braver you become


But when we have a cooperating boss,please don’t forget to tell him that,as it might change the trend and we never want to say all the above 😉