“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

 Can you imagine,how does it feel to land on an unknown place? The lucky ones get their dream jobs and few others can easily adapt to changes,but the feeling of the majority of the newbies out there is expressed here:

Lots of fun

Weird fantasies

Know nothing

Of fears a ton

 Bright days

With family and friends

Tomorrow comes and goes

Who cares?

 Thought I would dareimages

With the need of the age

 lucky and blessed I felt

When I found my share

Sure I got wired

Whom to blame for my ire

When I knew

Corporate is so weird

 All my dreams have gone

And little did I know

As I couldn’t believe

My happiness ends anon

 It sounds all tricky

So dejected I am

But they all say

I am so lucky

 No more fun and play

Have to handle with care

I never felt the joy

Orders as I obey


© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


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