“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

Parties are quiet common in Corporate offices.There would be work requirements,deadlines,meetings on one side and to the other parties small or big to celebrate every occasion worth celebrating.So,

Put on party shoes

And let your body loose

Hey, everybody booze


But let it be lite*

It’s not Saturday night

Yeah, party time alright


  • ‘Lite’ means light beer with relatively few calories.

Be whatever the occasion,go forward and celebrate it according to the occasion.This keeps the work spirit high.




Company won award/Team reached a milestone-Party

I got promoted-Party

Colleague got engaged-Party

Team outing-Party

Deputy’s birthday-Party

And if you are the host of any office party,then here are some tips for you :

The problem is that when you throw coworkers into a social situation such as an office party, no one knows how to act. Most people act differently in front of their peers, supervisors and subordinates. Add spouses and dates to the picture, mix together different departments, and you have a recipe for boredom at best, and disaster at worst. And since our awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving have increased, the days of employees drinking themselves under the holiday table to loosen up are becoming history. It had better be a pretty good party to overcome the odds.

Few have nailed corporate partying down to a science beginning with the welcome buffets by the pool to the formal awards dinner on the final evening. Management will go out of their way to mingle with staff on the golf course, at the dinners, and on local excursions. The good will created at these events carries this company a long way

A small retail business usually cannot afford the extravagance that a larger company can. In that case there are simpler options, such as catering a lunch in-house from a local deli, to taking employees out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Sometimes the owner of a small business will host a party at their home. Although the hospitality may be well intended, it’s the best option. From the owner’s standpoint, employees can judge your personal circumstances and make comparisons to their own less lofty digs. From the employees’ perspective, it is not as comfortable as a party held on neutral territory. The corporate hierarchy is still apparent when you’re on the boss’ turf.

Whether you plan to host a lavish or modest party, keep these points in mind:

  • Be as generous as your budget allows. Employees have worked hard for you all year and they are looking for a show of appreciation.
  • You can make your event memorable by choosing an unusual location. Aquariums, art museums, sightseeing boats, rodeo ranches, regional airports are among the many different sites you can choose.
  • Think about hiring entertainers to help break the ice. It can be a band, a DJ a magician, a local choral group or anything else which can cover for those awkward silences which are bound to occur at the beginning of the party.
  • Have enough food. A hungry stomach leads to a cranky employee.
  • Publish your policy on drinking, in advance, to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Well-chosen party favors will extend the good feelings after the last balloon has popped.
  • Hire a professional party planner if you’re planning a big event instead of wasting your staff’s time.
  • Mingle, mingle, and mingle. All of that positive public exposure is the added benefit of throwing a company bash.