“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

Recession,hmm well there nothing new that i can tell you about this one as everyone might have already come across this at some point in their lives.And yes, the havoc it creates with slowing down the #economy,rendering youth #jobless, #inflating the #commodities and so on the list goes.Let me make some sense by giving the direct impact of #Recession on the Corporate world.


Recession! Economic recession!!


Software fields Armageddon

The worlds now upside down

Real estate too crashed head-on

Recession! Very bad position!!


Clients have put projects pending

Companies halted onsite sending

And people are left out fending

Recession! Such is the situation!!


Salaries aren’t paid for months

But bills have piled up in tons

Week off too lifted up at once

Recession! Our priority mission!!


Banks stopped loan disbursement

And sought Credit card adjournment

All this is such a huge punishment

Recession! Time for confession!!


Bachelors prefer to stay single

No crowd in pubs to mingle

Can’t even hear the cents jingle

Recession! What’s your decision??


There’s no more car to steer

Why talk of chilled beer

No girlfriend left to cheer

Recession! This is the whole situation!!


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