“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.


Stress is a very obvious phenomenon for Working professionals,most of the reasons i had already elaborated in my earlier posts 🙂 By any chance,If you have not encountered Stress yet at work,then you are indeed a lucky champ.Keep rocking!!


Suffering from high

Trauma and



Struggling for

Stupendous work

(Acrostic form of poetry used)

But the Sweet smell of success takes out all the stress out.Isnt it?

Try this to know all about it:

if the answer to this is yes,then you can starightaway go to “dealing with the demon”,else you are bound to know certain things before dealing with it


 If  any of these signs prevails, it is possible that your or your colleague could be suffering from something called as “Stress/Burnout”.


Difference between stress and burnout:

Stress                                                                               Burnout

One is over-involved in work                                    One is disconnected from work

One is emotionally over-reactive                              One is emotionally numb

Results in urgency and hyperactivity                       Results in helplessness and hopelessness

Exhausts physical energy                                      Exhausts, motivation, drive, ideals and hope

Leads to anxiety                                                    Leads to paranoia, depression, detachment

Primary damage is physical                                    Primary damage is emotional


Some of the causes of Stress & Burnout are:

  • Unrealistic goals set by or imposed on the self
  • Working on rules that are punitive
  • Doing work that violates personal values
  • Routine, monotonous work, or work that is not challenging enough
  • Working because one has to for the reasons of finance or circumstance


Some Prominent Signs of Stress & Burnout are:

  Physical and emotional exhaustion

  Chronic fatigue

  Changes in sleep and appetite patterns

  Difficulty in concentration

  Unstable moods

  Social detachment

  Repeated negative thoughts

  Substance abuse (drinking, smoking, drugs)

  Escapist thoughts and behavior

  Having thoughts of suicide


Dealing with the demon:

  1.  Pay attention to your diet– Substitute the snacks and spicy foods with rich fiber foods, anti-oxidants, water and other nutrients, fruits and vegetables. This will keep you calm and energetic throughout the day and keep your body relaxed
  2.  Sleep well– Sleep well like your life depends on it. To prevent burnout, sleep 8 hours and have two ten minute breaks in the day. This will keep you fresh through your work day
  3. Exercise for fun– Like you did it once when in childhood. It prevents one from burnout and also recharges the batteries. Aim for 30 gentle minutes of workout three times a week.
  4. Choose your company wisely– Be surrounded by as many people make you smile and happy. It is not possible those who drain-out energies. So, one can keep them at safe distance or be neutral (Beck, 2011)
  5. Train yourself to be positive – Replace those constant negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Click here to watch a video which helps train the mind to be positive
  6. Relax yourself– Dedicate at least 10-20 mins daily to practice a peaceful, relaxing activity.