“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.


The pain,suffering,pressure are all added up and thus questions “How much can a man give? And how much can a family put up with him? When all the life is overspent and fatigued at work, as the men grow colder due to work pressures, they learn the practical impossibility of raising the confidence of their families back home.”

I had taken the tone of the famous movie 12 ‘o clock high as the suffering is the similar in both the cases 😉 The woes of the victimised wife go like this:


Even moon has come,

but you haven’t

No chance to take lunch

with you

in this life

Please add dinner too

in that list

Fortunately after wedding

we had one week fun


we may not have son.

He has finished counting

the stars in the sky

But you haven’t come.

I told him,

“father may come in your dream.

just sleep and try”

Oh dear,

You gave us everything,

MINUS  you

I understand

“Money is for our life

But life isn’t for money” 

(Satire poetry)

Being Workaholic is not always good,especially when you have a family expecting your presence after work in the evening.The distinction between personal life and professional life is very much important to your personal self as well as for the family.

If you wanted some tips,here they are to Set yourself up for success at home:

  • Figure out what is expected on the job (hours, travel, uncertainty of schedule), and put together a plan to make this work at home. Most importantly, sit down with your spouse and make sure you’re both on the same page about what changes will be required, and what you can each to do mitigate the impact. The last thing you want is to be crushing it at work while digging a hole for yourself at home.
  • Work hard, but don’t stay at the office late. It’s critical to nail your initial assignments, but it’s also critical that you don’t set expectations that you’ll work all the time. That can’t be seen as your norm. Rather, if you need to work extra to deliver exceptional results, then do it at home. The goal is to deliver output, not show input.