“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

When you bid adieu to a job, there’s no room for repentance. But as the Voyage for work began, it’s quite natural that we have a faint hope of getting #work back with all its pomp and show. And so here we wait for it with open arms :


When I needed you in my arms,
you were there and gave me warmth
But to manage the things i didn’t know,
was all that made me blow
Am waiting for you, is all i could say,
Do come back now, if you may
© uniqusatya, All rights reserved



This is the most critical phase of work life which all working professionals might have experienced.One has to understand that it is always the game of demand and supply always but when there is Recession nearby,it is the worst situation which one can face.Well to give those searching for their right choice,here’s some relief :

Step 4 of “Enjoy what you do” is a safe bet if you NOT wanting to work for anyone.

And for normal working class, “5 Keys to a Strong Career Plan” given in the earlier post helps you by all means.