“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

Ahh..We have come to the climax after all.Its been so much fun and i am so happy to be part of this great event as i didnt expect all this excitement.And to be honest,i had no clue at the start of this month that i could make it too..lol lol. Well i thank one and all for all the Blog Love they had shown on me and i hope the friendship would continue even after this month 😉 Nevertheless,i feel i kept my promise i made during the theme reveal. Didn’t I?

Well now time to see what Z has got for us.Every story need a happy ending,right?


Zeroed on a job finally and glad to have it too but Wait,now what’s the problem……


Alas, happened the deserving thing,

Time and again, I have been proving.

Goosebumps develop for those who hear,

All this makes me shiver with fear.

At my achievement, near and dear hail,

In contrast to that, I would wail.

She always makes for the big, they feel,

Grass is green on the other side, I appeal.

So do take care…


Once we HAVE ZEROED IN, we try all methods grow in our career without looking at the consequences of our actions.Remember the X,Y,Z things i told you 🙂

However at times people get stuck or slip and fall during the process of attaining utlimate success and so the cycle from A to Z repeats again till we could stand stable 😉