This is a lovely prompt as Diary writing was my favourite for a very long time until when my routine left no time for me to write it regularly.Then i gave it up altogether as it is no point writing it at some day later when you dont even remember how you felt about it at all 🙂

Some people have too private stuff (Secrets) and it is fun to go back and read them much later.And for others who can lay their hands on it,ahhhh there you go,the more they are intersted in our life 😉 Apart from this risk factor,

  1. It makes us fell lighter by letting go off all our stain by expressing our selves out
  2. It serves as a reminder for any pending tasks which were left unnoticed.
  3. Helps us keep our resolutions on the track
  4. Serves as a record of all incidents pertaining to our life if we need to verify them anytime (necessary and unnecessary too…lol)

And heres my relationship with my Diary :


Oh dear!!

It seems to be very clear

Now you see that I am clever

How precisely I have told

On whatever I have got hold


“Do you remember yesterday’s picnic,

How stupid of aunt, to be a cynic”,

“You know how boss scolded me today

For delaying my team on Monday”,

“On that day, I felt very lonely,Diary

When my hubby left so suddenly”


Let me tell you one last thing,

So that todays last line can be filled

Though not to my hearts full I can explain,

But I better make myself plain

Before, I could forget any other thing.

Then I thank you for listening to me so patiently

Though you are mine, I could say independently.


You are my only best friend,

Who listen to me till I end!

You are the one who let me express

My feelings of bliss and depress

So, do not stare at me like that,

Because I am talking to you,

OH My Dear Diary.


© uniqusatya, All rights reserved