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June 2014




Four, three, two, one..

Here we go

Fingers crossed

Nails bit

Eagerly wait

And then


Samba time

FIFA begun

Down with fever

Can’t go to work


The #April blogging (My first time participation) has taken my regular course of blogging in a different route.I am happy for all the blog love and different creative minds I am coming in touch with,but I also like my regular pattern of blogging and am inclined to revive the pattern(Poems ofcouse, along with quotes , free zone posts on current events and children poetry).I hope my new blog friends like the pattern too 🙂

Heres a quote which i guess, most of us would agree.




The present state of affairs from a citizens view point.



True Love

The unsaid words of Maleficient :





Deep as an ocean
Strong as a notion
Delicate as a flower
But hard to uncover
Is it just a feeling?
Or a point without meaning
Adolescent are still in a dilema,
With the stage set for the drama
It is very much true,
And as much false too..
Where the hell is it born?
Which we see at every dawn
Is it a bond or a relation?
Or is it just a statement of fashion
To be attracted to one another
Without even a reason to gather
The mind and heart
Always work apart
To take an action
or avert any reaction
Here to soothe
But misguided of its route
In search of its true form
We are waiting for true love to be born.
© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


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