Increasing #cyber-crimes, and technology misuse world over is the greatest terror attack now-a-days to every individual.If ignored for long,it gives us a knock on our head;probably a wake up call. It so happened that, I Swiped a loaded #debit card at an #ATM and came back, transaction didn’t close (faulty machine) and account reopened to next user who thanking his gods withdrew happily leaving me crying at my bad luck.After severe persuasion,i was only left hoping it happens otherwise sometime ;)Lesson learnt from depending on sheer technology is: “make sure it doesn’t dupe you” :)And this is how i convinced or rather condoled myself :
One swipe and oops all is gone,
Nothing left everything I had  is lost,
With pockets empty, here I stood alone,
Not knowing what is my next resort
ATM has unveiled my idiocy,
Or maybe it could all be prophecy.
 Even if spent for charity,
Or for an election campaign,
Would have attained divinity,
And enjoyed a MP’s reign,
Even greatest emperors couldn’t escape,
And left win or lose at His will,
Lost modestly all their estate,
Dreaming tomorrow they win a mill
 Huh! How much could I self-condole?
For all that luck I can’t behold,
 If luck permits, at the same ATM,
Like the wild emperors’ dream,
Gain all that’s lost the next time.
And prove, am not a foolish queen
© uniqusatya, All rights reserved