“I forgot I am a girl,

Every action of mine is noticed,

Every step I take is decided by others.

I forgot I am a girl!

I don’t have rights to be “MYSELF”

My academics, career are decided by others,

My choices are controlled,

I forgot I am a girl!

I have to dress according to the men around,

I am told that my attires will evoke man’s desire,

I can be raped because of  short skirts and sleeveless dress,

I am accused of my own rape,

I am accused to tempt men towards me

I forgot I am a girl!

I  am victimized by male’s evil torture,

I am killed through their mere gaze,

I feel like slapping them hard, hit their groins,

But I fear they are more powerful than me physically,

I fear I may become victim to their thirst,

I forgot I am a girl!

They worship…

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