Everyone has a soft spot of their own, but for most of us this soft spots can be opportunities if we can overcome them. The time the caption was introduced by Mountain Dew  “Darr ke aaje jeet hai”, I was truly inspired by it as that is a golden rule of management too.

I don’t think anyone will differ with this…

Well, it is very important to rise beyond those fears however small they are as the fears too grow with you.I would like to share two of the major fears of my life till date(at least for me)

My first and the foremost of fears which I can remember is Stage fear- the fear of facing a gathering . I know many of us still do. But….i love it too, I mean I like the debate, elocution competitions and of course hosting an event was far away in my dreams.

When I am on the way,

I started to forget what I should say

When all the eyes are staring at me

Mine couldn’t look onto them

I spoke everything what I could

And as were a coward there I stood

Alone I stood on the stage

And strange things happen to me

As none could see I am shivering

Though I knew it and I am covering

To my conscious I know not

With what I was so nervous,

As if people are ready to jump

And developed goose bumps

Why is this happening?

That too when everyone are staring


So the next time I decided to take an initiative, gulped down a bottle of water, to ensure my throat doesn’t dry out in the midst, done a short show on stage and once finished I rushed to the loo…LoL and yes, to start with it worked. Later I started developing on this with mirror talks etc…those personality development techniques known to all of us.

Well another such experience is the giant wheel which many kids fantasy, but I keep my distance either for fear of heights or whatever unknown reasons.

And as a child, I could excuse myself with lame reasons, then how am I to escape from friends, was a big question for me. And many a times I was left alone in the group as I couldn’t dare it.

Fortunately, before too long and I started to live with that fear, our team had an excursion trip which helped me loose this phobia. We were trained in various activities both physical and psychological. Meeting various people on a same platform like mine made it even easier for me and now I am sure that at least when there is a need for it, I can do it without fear.


Picture 050

Having said that, I don’t think we can still define “Fear” but whatever it is, what I understood and learnt over my experiences.





All I would like to say is “Do the Dew”.