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Poesy plus Polemics

"This Sad Eye" Painting by Shann Larsson From “This Sad Eye”
Painting by Shann Larsson

barbarity sells bloodlust tickets
recruits mindless monsters
attended by ancient depravity
burning hot sand fills their hearts
satan squats in the flames of a
ruined and distempered creed
shits his love of hate fouling
whole cultures with victims
of virulent violence the child
who dares learn of secular
knowledge the daughters and
wives who pay with their
lives for the sins of their fathers
and husbands the numbers of
warm slaughtered innocent
corpses of civilized sects
these dead trophies amassed
in the name of an abject
devotion its clarion call
to rain down retribution
on any and all who would
challenge authority seized by
new caliphate agents those
deoband mullahs who stand
dripping butchery blood from
degenerate words of doxology
feet planted filthy and proud upon
bodies of women and children

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