Holidays came

Vacation time,you know?

But I couldnt pin,

which place to go

North is cold

South out-sold

West is best

But, East is my go

Spun the globe,

as I started to probe

My mind was blown,

when knew about Melbourne

image (3)

As a kid, the first fascination towards Australia developed when I heard that KANGAROOS live in Australia. My pursuit started then. When a student, I fancied studying in Australia as at those times, there were good opportunities opening up but i had to choose otherwise. Later, watching the Master chef- Australia,the premier cook show, made my mouth water so much that even our famous #vada-pav, #gol-gappa began to seem tasteless.

And now that one of my cousins had been there, the vivid description about the beautiful city made me longing to visit the place.

casual 2

casual 3

Photos courtesy:Cousins Australia trip Album.

Well some tips from Rohan & Tanmay (come alive in Melbourne) did guide, I can say. But friends, help me out in deciding by sharing your views. And you will be duly rewarded for your help.2014-12-23 19.29.16

All you have to do is follow these 5 steps below:

  1. Go to the contest shown below.
  2. Select your choice or type in your choice at the end.
  3. click on vote, and now the most important of all,
  4. Go to view results
  5. Tell me why you like the place or share your experience with the place in the comment section there with your name and contact details.

thats it, you can win gift Vouchers worth INR 500 from tourism Victoria & indiblogger. So HURRY!!!

Share before 5th Jan 2015 and be part of my travelogue .

So gear up Melbourne,here we come……

Winners for the Readers Contest


The long awaited day has come for deciding on the winner for describing their views on the beautiful city of Melbourne. But seriously didn’t expect such an overwhelming response from my friends, blog-followers, blog-mates and two of my relations too participatedJ. I personally thank one and all who participated and made this a success. I like to brief few of those responses which were shortlisted based on their relevance and good enough too.

Anita described about her choice for the Great ocean road for the 12 Apostles off the shore.

download (4)

Ryan almost blew me off with the reason for his choice of MCGdownload (5)

Mahesh had given great info on an Indian entrepreneur who made a mark in Melbournedownload (6)

Prachi expressed about her desire for a romantic Philip island tour

1285046884_md (1)

Aditya, Gowtham and Anila were excited about the hot air balloon ride at the Yarra valley.

images (3)

As said before, there is only one winner in this contest, so the winner is,…huh…so tough to decide it…, Prachi.

Congrats Prachi and dont forget to take your Spouse along for the Romantic tour,else the gift will not reach you 😉