Go on,Chat on with the new Quikr nxt.

The classifieds market in the country has been growing and will continue to grow at a fast pace. And Quikr stood as the largest online classifieds website in India for buying and selling of used products. It is such a privilege for the common man who could reap the benefits according to his individual economic condition. So was I happy, when I had to relocate and had to sell my car. Of Couse I can buy another at my new location in the same website. Worth, isn’t it? But as everything has its pros and cons, the ecommerce world too started to show a hiccup. The seller-buyer communication

And why not, when this is what I personally had to undergo,

Tring tring tring,

rang the bell

For the hundredth time,

I began to yell

yes yes yes,

would like to sell.

enough of this, decided

its time to quell

 This takes a toll on many of us. Most of all, when talking to lots of buyers, we find it hard to remember what conversation we striked with each buyer. More so, receiving numerous calls at all times a day is nothing less to bother about.

But what did I find? Quikr has launched a unique feature, called Quikr Nxt, which allows users to chat using the website or mobile app.  Now, we can’t deny the fact that Chatting has always been a preferred way of communication among majority of the groups. What one can need more when the users can choose to make a listing private, which hides their email ID and phone number on the site. All one needs is a Quikr ID, and they can use Quikr Nxt to chat with people using the app on your phone, or on the website.

How convenient!! And now this is what I can say,

Beep beep beep

I receive a text

No worry, All my details,

I had saved up first

Now all I would do

Is copy and paste

And just reply

using the new Quikr Nxt

This brings along a win-win situation where both buyer and seller can benefit. Now we can always see the previous conversations and can easily track where we left last. And the best part being “goodbye to calls from buyers” and can maintain some privacy.

Like many other things which need to be updated as per requirement,

No ficker,bhej quickr 

has been updated to

No ficker,Chat quickr 

Quikr-NXTWith this,my car was sold and I could buy another one at my relocated location.So,I hope Quikr will continue to gravitate more and more towards user friendly applications as this one.