Ahh two weeks past of strictly sticking to the Schedule,today i hit my first roadblock.Phew!!But here i am with Lesson thirteen 🙂

Well it suddenly struck me,how can i miss the Love lessons while giving away Life lessons.Love is after all a prominent part of Life,isn’t it? so let us Make the ‘magic of love’ work at all times.

“everything comes with a price,

now what we have here to sacrifice?”

From two young hearts

born our profound love

Every moment we spent

I cherish them even now


The magic was such

even felt the wind flirting

And if it was within my reach

would stop time from drifting


The thought of our love

gives me enormous bliss

but I feel you lost the charm

that shoved me into dark abyss


 the riches we long for

you need not toil to buy

Oh give me back one thing I lack

the love light in your eye

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

 AtoZ blog challenge


“The Xmas gift I long for
You need not toil to buy;
Oh! give me back one thing I lack –
The love-light in your eye

is an excerpt from one of the works of  ‘Ella wheeler wilox’

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