Well,I did not intend to do this form today as it is already a very popular form. However,there are few mis-interpretations which i thought would clear on


Haiku is basically a Japanese verse form of three un-rhyming lines in five, seven, and five syllables. However, in translating from Japanese to English, the number of syllables varies. It’s the shortest form of poem and, often, the most difficult to understand.  It is also believed that haikus tend to be more about nature.


From Summer to spring

only writing, which reflects

all; Is poetry

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Of late, there has been a lot of debate over Haiku for adhering to its 5-7-5 form as the syllables vary from Japanese to English. And it has been believed that for English Haiku, a short but concrete image, without metaphors and similes, irrespective of the syllables is called Haiku. What do you say?