Today, am introducing a form which is used by all mostly as a sort of prayer.

is written in rhyming couplets or quatrains and uses the phrase “Lord have mercy”, or a variant on it, as a refrain as the second line of the couplet or last line of the quatrain. In less strict usage, other phrases like “O God, be merciful to me”, and sometimes single words, are used as the refrain.


Amidst the vast ocean of life, lord let my ship sail,

And may I triumph all through the journey without fail,

Pray that truth sustain in the world so fair,

And my ship succeed in finding my share,

My soul bloom as my penance flourish,

In your service, let my ship not perish,

Life is at once too soft and too hard

I have sore troubles mingled with joys unheard

No more can I yield to failure, seek thy sympathy,

What is mine, oh lord, is all your prosperity,

Unable to take it, I step out of thy way,

And leave everything to Lord, what else to say,

With all expectations, seek holy guidance,

To serve as follower of lord as He takes precedence

Known that the worlds stage has a simple equation,

To perform given role is the only solution,

Hence let my conscious be guided to spread divine love,

My life is at your service, I declare with a bow


First published in “Writing geeks magazine-Nov 2015

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved