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is the traditional form of urdu poetry/Islamic song found in India and Pakistan.  The word qawwali is derived from the Arabic word Qaol which means “axiom” or “dictum”.  A Qawwal is one who sings qawwali, or the dictums of the prophets and praises of God.  The Qawwali is closely linked to the spiritual and artistic life of northern India and Pakistan.

#Nusrat Fateh Ali Khans‘ works are the best example of  Qawwali.


yaa Khudaa jism meN jab tak ye mere jaan rahe
tujh pe sadqe, tere mehbuub pe qurbaan rahe
kuch rahe yaa na rahe, par ye du’aa hai ke “Ameen”
nizaa ke vaqt salaamat meraa iimaan rahe

O Lord! Till the time there is life in my body
it should be devoted to you and an offering to your beloved [Muhammad].
It doesn’t matters if I have anything or not, but I pray “Ameen”
that at the time of death, my faith is safe.

Note: “Ameen” is the name of the poet.

taaziim se letaa hai Khudaa naam-e-Muhammad
kyaa naam hai ai salle-alaa naam-e-Muhammad
Allah kare usko haraam aatish-e-dozaKh
jis shakhs ke dil pe likhaa ho naam-e-Muhammad

God remembers the name of Muhammad with deference
such is the name of Muhammad, peace be upon him.
May God prohibit the fire of hell
on anyone whose heart is written the name of Muhammad.

jis dil meN Muhammad kii muhabbat nahiiN hotii
us par kabhii Allah kii rahmat nahiiN hotii
meraa ye aqiidaa hai agar zikr-e-Khudaa meN
ye naam na shaamil ho ibaadat nahiiN hotii

On the heart that doesn’t love Muhammad
Allah never has mercy.
It is my belief that while remembering God
if this name [Muhammad] is not included then prayers wouldn’t be answered.

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