For a change,let me tell you a story šŸ˜‰ but a real one about a Poetry club.

The Twin City Poetry club is aĀ  forum where lovers of poetry join in celebration of words.It stands as a platform to encourage young, prolific and budding poets who seek someĀ attention to this art. The club stands out among many other groups with its amalgation of languages with the same love for poetry.

The debutĀ anthology titled Lakdi-ka-pul ā€“ the poetry bridgeĀ is a collection of poems by poets of Twin City Poetry Club, Hyderabad, published by The Blue Stencil, an initiative of Nivasini Publishers.

final cover jpg

This book is an endevour to reproduce the euphoria of poetry recited in the Twin city poetry club meets with special focus to the City of Pearls andĀ is available on Flikart and Amazon.

So, Happy reading!!!