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For a change,let me tell you a story 😉 but a real one about a Poetry club.

The Twin City Poetry club is a  forum where lovers of poetry join in celebration of words.It stands as a platform to encourage young, prolific and budding poets who seek some attention to this art. The club stands out among many other groups with its amalgation of languages with the same love for poetry.

The debut anthology titled Lakdi-ka-pul – the poetry bridge is a collection of poems by poets of Twin City Poetry Club, Hyderabad, published by The Blue Stencil, an initiative of Nivasini Publishers.

final cover jpg

This book is an endevour to reproduce the euphoria of poetry recited in the Twin city poetry club meets with special focus to the City of Pearls and is available on Flikart and Amazon.

So, Happy reading!!!




Pep up your life with Tata Sky+Transfer

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Source: Pep up your life with Tata Sky+Transfer

Pep up your life with Tata Sky+Transfer

A story poem on entertainment ‘anytime,anywhere’ experience :

Yoo hoo ,yoo hoo, yoo hoo

There is something I wish to tell you

For all those struggling with their busy life

or with you stubborn husband/wife

use my way to get entertained

by which remote woes too can be detained

The best has even bettered our privilege

Whats more!!It’s from the Tata Sky lineage

So get ready for a life full of pep

Simple, Just follow these step by step


Get the tata sky personal video recorder

or just upgrade if you are already a subscriber

Inbuilt hard drive comes with the set top box

and a Wi-Fi dongle too, that rocks!!!

1 tata_sky_plus_transfer

Register your own companion device

to pair with the STB at no extra price

Schedule/command to record from anywhere

and our favourite movies will get in there

2 transfer-masthead

Bingo,now the recorded content gets portable

as the videos on the phone are now available

While we can pause,record and rewind the live TV

 internet-free entertainment on the move makes us happy

3 transfer-recorded-content1once again it has been proved that,

Isko laga dala

toh life jhinga lala

Tech-no-logy with 4G


The modern age is surely the technology’s age and this has been possible mostly because of the internet. Right from news across the corner of the world, wealth of knowledge to shopping, purchasing the tickets of your favorite movie-everything is at our finger tips. Few of the most common internet uses being:

  • Email
  • Information
  • Business
  • Social networking
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Ecommerce and Internet banking
  • Services like reservations,online bookings
  • Jobsearch
  • Other personal search services

The World Wide Web has brought a new revolution in the technology and has become very useful in many ways for the common man.

Necessity is the mother of all invention

Hence technology took the fathers’ position

Born in the industrial revolution

Creates a problem with every solution

Our routine seems cannot stand,

Without the use of technology on demand

People talk to family on Facebook

And gift them online without any overlook

The latest mantra is only the speed

evolution of apps have done the deed

Life sustains at the click of a button

The entire planet is technology smitten

Check your conscious &prove me wrong,

As I say what has changed all along

Memory was something that we loose with age

But these bytes* are a never ending maze

Friends, present day life is all about internet

So are we ready to accept that yet


The broadband, wifi and other facilities have evolved within no time and the latest being the data services of the mobile phones which is picking up pace.

Know what the talk of the town is?

“Just Google it yaar!!!

In this age of competition, where multitasking is the key to the time problems, speed plays the most important role. #Airtel service provider has stood unbeated in this regard and now with the increased data speed of aitel 4G,it surely took the lead. The best pat of the so called internet service providers is, they are also broadband services that provide a continuous  connection; there is no dial-in process required, and it does not “hog” phone lines. Broadband provides improved access to Internet services like:

  • Faster world wide web browsing
  • Faster downloading of documents, photographs, videos, and other large files
  • Telephony, radio, television, and videoconferencing
  • Virtual private networksand remote system administration
  • Online gaming, especially massively multiplayer online role-playing gameswhich are interaction-intensive

The recent surveys have shown clearly that the Internet has enabled new forms of social interaction, activities, and social associations across the globe. So being part of such a big technological development is a boon for those who use it in the right direction.

So if you want to speed up the pace of your life, speed up your internet data speed. That’s it…as simple as that. Isn’t it?

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