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Climate Change?



Worst ever rain battered the city

many a loved ones lost, what a pity

While some blame the development

others look for improvement

few believe its the merciless mother

who spew all her anger

leaving irony pavilioned streets

and made the humanity bleed

Washed away everything

that man gained on a binge

The question again surfaced

Is it part of the climate change

or just another reminder

from the mother nature

to make up our torted ways?




why o why
that people escape from civil war
to fight another with life
why o why
that their own country couldnt save
and expect other to come rescue
why o why
that humanity cant help end their war
but make effort to refuge
why o why
that innocents are to suffer
and left to fight with the entire world

©uniqusatya, All rights reserved


Monsoon Rain 2

Here comes our monsoon showers

Glad they finally made their way

To soothe us from the pricks n burns

And to wash away our sunscreens

Here comes our monsoon showers

Atlast after such a long wait

To let the earth quench its thirst

Though they have turned up late

Here comes our monsoon showers

By letting the sun to take a break

And ofcourse to show you and me

How dependable are we

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

Cricket Fever

Another year, another year,

of all that craze,

that returned with fervourWC

Commentaries heard,

Score updates shared,

Prayers & parties

much more weird.

All the madness that

no one can resist,

For irresistible-make

is the Medias’ credit

But yes, we must agree,

such packed up action

leaving alone soccer,

can any other game give?

So let us also join

to clap and cheer

along with the entire world

now that the ICC cup is here

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

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