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Current Affairs

Swine Flu

Most widely spread,

through the air

Most of us dread,

its presence out there

Whatever name its given

Sure to be a ticket,

to the heaven

Before you too turn blue,

in your minds,do bear

Its the swine flu

So,Please take care


Spread awareness,save lives 🙂

Road Rash


Road safety Know-How is a must for both the Motorists and Pedestrians.Every Motorist who got their Driving license knows the basic traffic rules.But Self-Consciousness alone is the key step to implement them and keep ourselves safe by keeping the Public safe.Unfortunately the basic attitude prevailing in each every motorist is different.I try to gather the general thought of majority of public through this satire poem:

रास्ता ये रास्ता
अपना है रास्ता
चलता है अपनी मर्ज़ी,
पूछे कौन किसका

गली या हाईवे
हो चाहे कही के
Steering है अपने हाथ में
चल दो न डर के

पतली गली कही दिख जाए
घुस जाओ कोई निकल न पाये
Problem कड़ी हो गई तो
पीछे वाले को गाली देदो

Signal जब काम न करता
पुलिस जब नहीं पकड़ता
चलदो जो होता देखले
चाहे accident ही करके

औरों का क्या तुम सोचे
Traffic jam भी पीछे
तुझसे शुरू हुई है हल्ला
पर तू क्यों हट जाए भला

रास्ता ये रास्ता
अपना है रास्ता
चलता है अपनी मर्ज़ी,
पूछे कौन किसका

Isnt it??

Be true to yourself, if we could not see ourself in one such situations?

Awareness is needed for hired drivers,taxi drivers etc who donot own the responsibility and lose focus.Regular checks to keep unlicensed motorists at bay also help reduce risk on roads.

Thanks to the Nissan Safety driving Forum which is striving to inculcate the Road safety and Etiquette in everybody over the years and so on at various cities near us for Safe driving practices.The closest such forum is being held at Kochi on Dec20-21,2014.

So let us spread Road safety and awareness through this Forum.Remember friends “Safety starts from us“.

Educate the Woman

 Educate the woman, as quickly as you can,
That’s the key to solve the problems 
God, Jehovah and Allah, all did not plan for sure,
That the after-life in heaven would include a female ban.
Educate the woman, so she does not fear the Taliban,
Help her join the modern world, 
So she could stop the needless fighting, 
And will help her from being raped by ruthless man.
Educate the woman, for equal rights within her family clan.
She could have freedom to choose her husband.
She must know to live a life of value 
And that her future is not limited to a frying pan
Courtesy: Clive Sanders Collection

Hence Proved

Hence Proved.

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