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Whose turn?

Well I have taken it long as the priority tasks have kept me on my toes.Yeah thats Life 😉 Even now i have tiptoed here just to release my rants for a while.So here it is:

We heard them some time ago in Iraq,
day before in US, yesterday in India,
today in Bangladesh and now in saudi
How much more of this do we need
To quarantine a community
when every single explosion
has their name inscribed on it

How much can any human tolerate
the acts of their so called God
who, only they can percieve
while their own brothers cannot
Is it fair to let them populate
the entire world with either their
people or the bodies of others

Why are the communities of humanity
unable to speak against one

Why are the nations unable to curb,
leave alone eliminating terrorism

Hope i get back to all of you soon after setting few things right.

Writing?Whats with it?

The word writing cant change though now-a-days most of us no longer write with pen.we actually TYPE…lol. Yes,i know you will agree.

Though working for a technical industry,my major role is to write,which is one good part of it 😉 well for those who are wondering what all one can write,here are few options.And i would like to add ‘Content writing’ also to it.Read on…..

I am a songwriter, novelist, poet and blogger. I have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember and try to write at least something every day. It relaxes me. My approaches to writing the above genres vary and I write in each genre depending on what mood I’m in. Songwriting I have been […]

via Forms Of Writing — Bob Findlay Thoughts

Addiction(Never exist in isolation)

As humans of the modern world, we hear two sides of it, one is the spirituality version while other is the management version. The “I” and “we” …..but what is that one really wants…let’s be honest.

Philosophy might say

“you are solely responsible

For the happiness within”

But you cannot be selfless

Without being happy for others

Can you?

And that my dear,

Is being addicted to Love

and that you cannot exist

in isolation.

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

Monsoon Rain 3

Rain rain go away

Come again another day…

Click below to see how this sounds now 😉

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