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Children poetry

CRICKET-The play


Cricket is a game,

Played for fame,

First comes Ganguly,

who bats very cautiously

Then came a run,

For which there’s big fuss with fun

Now comes Sachin who lasts forever

And for the runs he lost, he will cover

Then comes Jadeja, who bats for no longer

when he’s out, he shows his anger

Here comes the captain, Azhar,

who sure hits four and sixer

A chance comes to robin

To send the ball to cabin

Then shows Sidhu

Who is always sick to play through

some Bowlers like Anil,

Just opposite to Sunil

Take wickets like Mohanthy

Just light and jaunty

So, Cricket is a game

Played only for name


© uniqusatya 1999, All rights reserved

Mother Nature


How beautiful is Mother Nature!

With full of big and small creatures

When all its beauty blooms,

There is no room for gloom

While the flowers paint the nature colourful,

The rivers and mountains make it look more wonderful

It gives us life with our daily food

What all, it makes us feel so good.

© uniqusatya 1998, All rights reserved



Approaching us by glittering its best,

And once it never goes to rest

Licking and scooping what all it gets

Never matters whatever is that

Leaping and jumping with all delight

Doesn’t bother if it is night

All the night and all the day

Crazy it goes showing its sight

Born in sea and dies in sea

Crashes on all it sees

Also gives place for life to live

Nothing to think,it is a “Wave”

© uniqusatya 1999, All rights reserved

The Master of the universe

Oh master of the universe

Lord, the master of whole universe

You are our mother, you are our father

Who else is there to seek shelter?

Forgive me for my mistakes

Let me be sincere and faithful

By praying all sorrows are removed from mind

Oh lord you are very kind

You are the saviour of all

You help those who had a fall

This body, the mind and all wealth is yours

Oh lord, everything I possess is yours

I offer you that already belong to you

Nothing is mine, what I say is true

Riches, wealth and glory I seek not

I am happy with what I have got

Oh master of the universe

Lord, the master of whole universe

© uniqusatya 1996, All rights reserved

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