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Z: Zag end of the journey

Here ends the Life and so are the Lifes’ lessons too. But a lot can happen between death and birth too. Shh…maybe my theme for next year 😉 What do you say? Well we will see to that later but now is the time to say goodbye and of course its a hard one.Though i am leaving with a heavy heart,i hope my Lessons werent heavy on you.

After lot of Zigs and Zags in the Lifes journey, it has come to an end. As the saying goes ‘Everything which started has to end’. But i say,Death is only a new beginning…..

Time and tide waits for no one

but death indeed takes us far

from where we cant return

Yes, life was very beautiful to spend

but the journey with all of you

had now come to an end

Very quietly I take my leave

as quietly as I came here

and Quietly I wave goodbye

to my companions near & dear

If it happened to be fated

that we meet again and pass a hello

trust me, I would certainly be elated

Hasta la vista

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


The verse,

“Very quietly I take my leave,
As quietly as I came here;
Quietly I wave good-bye,
To the rosy clouds in the western sky.

is an extract from a poem by  ‘Xu Zhimo’

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Y: Yearning doesn’t seem to end

 © uniqusatya, All rights reserved

 AtoZ blog challenge


This one is out of the box for i was so inspired from a song 😉

so the lines,

“If fear’s what makes us decide our future journey
Well, I’m not along for the ride ’cause I’m still yearning
To try and touch the sky, my fingers burning
Before you are old you’re young, yeah, I’m stilling learning.”

are picked up from a song in the movie  ‘Sweet Home Alabama

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X: Xelfualizee

Ok let me be frank, i had to dig up on what others had done earlier for this super tough letter ‘X’. and…Bingo…what did i find.The right word for the right place 😉 cos Xelfualizee is actually a slang term for self actualize which was derived from Maslow’s concept of Self Actualization 🙂

so my lesson Twenty four is about Self actualization.

Of all that we had said and done

 what exactly matters at the moment

is, since  the countdown has already begun

there truly  isn’t any time left to repent


 Sweet indeed to rest within the womb

of Earth, great mother of eternal sleep,

but sweeter far for you a restless tomb

in the blue cavern of an echoing deep,

and so,

Before your Zag end bestows a call

you rather actualize yourself, will you?

Know everyone end in a grave after all

so, do now, whatever you ought to do.

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

Ah! sweet indeed to rest within the womb

Of Earth, great mother of eternal sleep,

But sweeter far for thee a restless tomb

In the blue cavern of an echoing deep,

is picked up from one of the works of renowned poet  ‘Oscar Wilde’

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W: Wisdom comes from Living

We have already reached the last week of the  AtoZ blog challenge. But, i couldnt give my best shot for the NaPoWriMo as i took the much required breaks on Sundays leaving only 26 posts for the month 😉

So, Last phase of life, ahh! oldage , though the thought of nearing death might seem rather morbid to some, it can actually create peace of mind in some of the elderly .


And they get all the wisdom from life to give its lessons to the younger can enlighten us about the Meaning of Life. So lets see what lessons we get from the last phase of life 🙂



Hark,it is very much true

that time stops for no one thou

so arrives a moment to bid goodbye

slowly as the life takes a stepby

But I do treasure the spice and scent

of rich and passionate memories blent

like odours of cinnamon, sandal & clove

of song & sorrow and life & love

Here I am to share the very fragrance

to fill you all with its effervescence

of what I comprehend from this life

and  let you reckon without much strife.

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

Therein I treasure the spice and scent

Of rich passionate memories blent

Like odours of cinnamon,sandal and clove

Of song and sorrow ;and life and love

is an excerpt from one of the works of  ‘Sarojini Naidu’

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