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Worded poetry

I know!!! This may sound little crazy as no writing is without words. But,


is such that it has no restrictions other than it can only have the set no.of  words which gives the entire imagery or describes the given imagery. Word poems are best used by artists and photographers to express a point of view with their image.

I am neither… but made a small attempt at this 😉

One word poem:



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Vogan Poetry


Poetry is poetry by Vogons, who are a fictional alien race from the planet Vogsphere in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is REALLY BAD poetry. “Vogon poetry is best among worst poetry in the Universe.”

Again this is another form of poetry which I couldn’t attempt, so here is one  by ImNotARapp3r


Oh cherryjiggle bellyflop
Your congealed mucus
Cromples my opubus whole heartedly

Thine voluptuous giggle puddle
Bovops thine crancle stool
To a hequir plop of asery pretentions

Ear mold only prelums greatness
Your fungal jungle uforms me

 This being the  22nd letter of  A to Z April Challenge, I also think i can link it to the Day 24 prompt of  Global Poetry Writing Month 🙂

Ultra-modern poetry

We have come a long way in our journey of  A to Z April Challenge and  Global Poetry Writing Month, therefore now is the time to see how much the recent technology has shown its impact on Literature and importanatly; poetry. To know that, you must see


poetry. Modernist poetry in English started in the early years of the 20th century with the appearance of the Imagists and slowly towards the end of the 20th century, electronic literature developed as a genre due to the development of hypertext and later the world wide web .

The present generation has given a new dimension to poetry with due respect to the traditional formalism and ornate diction. I am not so lucky to have attempted one but I would like to present a sample of ulta modern poetry:


Happy last week of the April Challenges 🙂

Tanka for the Earth day

Presenting another Japanese form for this month; i.e, ‘waka’  or ‘uta’ also known as ,


In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line, but in English and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic units : 5-7-5-7-7.

Have a look at my Tanka which I am linking to the Day 22 prompt of Napowrimo for #Earth day:

earth day

Acquired all riches,
from natural resources,
Man lucky enough
As biodiversity,
built past centuries perish

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved




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