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A to Z Reflections 2015



I have done it!!I have done it again ūüôā Yes, but not without difficulty. I had taken the lessons learnt from last year of scheduling posts when i got them set as only later did i realise that the theme i chose was phew…quiet a tough one. But i am glad i could do it effectively.Teasing my brain the whole month was fun,though i seriously needed a break.With this post,i feel fresh to start again….

Heres the Life lessons at a go (from birth to death):

And the ‚ÄėLife‚Äô begins!!!

Believe me,it doesnt matter

Conjure up expectations for Life

Dreaming may sometimes be injurious 

Everyone has a task to do

Friendship has no limits

Get up and Get going

Hatred dwells in most poisonous minds

In search of our destiny

Juvenile learnings

Kindle the little joys within

Life Rewards the DO-ers

Make the ‚Äėmagic of love‚Äô work¬†always

Now that will make a difference


Plastic world

Question remains,will anybody answer?

Remember this along…

Show time…so play on

Thus spake the soul within

Usher us the right way

Vested power in you

Wisdom comes from Living


Yearning doesn’t seem to end

Zag end of the journey


Only one question from my family and friends,who saw me working out relentlessly, which i couldnt answer is “what if you complete this challenge” cos’ i even couldnt show them ¬†zooming stats aswell ¬†ūüė¶ If it were a blogger friend,i would have told, ¬†its not always traffic which really matters, people who genuinely appreciate your work is enough to bring a smile on your face, maybe they can understand it.¬†In these two years ,i had learnt a lot about the blogosphere and blogging,¬†however,¬†there are few areas i still have to work on.


I like to Thank my blogger friends from the past who stood with me most of the time despite their own commitments; and my new friends for encouraging me throughout.Thank the A to Z team for all their backstage support. Though the challenge has ended am sure the bloglove continues.


A to Z Reflections 2014


A-to-Z Reflection [2014]


This is a great relief to me that I have successfully completed my first A to Z blog challenge for this year 2014. As this was my first year, I had to really gear up with things from time to time. And so I opted to choose a theme instead of random postings which might have taken a toll on me.

Luckily my work cooperated for dedicating some quality time to blogging and so I could schedule my posts on weekly basis…Lessons learnt J

Let me tell you, I haven‚Äôt had so much fun blogging ever and this month is indeed a good one which helped me continue my blogging spirit. I hope I haven‚Äôt let anyone down with all those tipsy tips along with my punny poems ūüėČ



To my learnings, being first timer, I reflect

To the hard work that went through, I reflect

To my teased brain for delivering on-time, I reflect‚ÄĚ

“To #Team Damyanti for their support, I thank

To my fellow bloggers for their help, I thank

To my viewer friends whose comments valued, I thank


survivor-atoz [2014] - SMALL

The grand gala Theme Reveal for the A to Z blogging challenge 2014



Being a first timer for this challenge is all the more exciting but am equally anxious with the daily posting as it was never my regular practise ūüėČ And the theme‚Ķahhh!!

After twisting my brain this way and that while at work, I figured it, which is…

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

and that exactly is my theme.

All about the fun, frolic and the rats race at work (A to Z things we encounter at work)with tips here and there to help all the rats out there for HAPPY WORKING

With a mix of different forms of poetry i.e; Free verse, ABAB, AABB, Nonet, Tanka, Haiku and all yummy yummy rhyme and rhythms coming your way ¬†to rejuvenate your mind without taxing it ūüėČ


As the countdown began with the A to Z blogging challenge 2014 round the corner, guys I keep my fingers crossed

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