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Z: Zag end of the journey

Here ends the Life and so are the Lifes’ lessons too. But a lot can happen between death and birth too. Shh…maybe my theme for next year 😉 What do you say? Well we will see to that later but now is the time to say goodbye and of course its a hard one.Though i am leaving with a heavy heart,i hope my Lessons werent heavy on you.

After lot of Zigs and Zags in the Lifes journey, it has come to an end. As the saying goes ‘Everything which started has to end’. But i say,Death is only a new beginning…..

Time and tide waits for no one

but death indeed takes us far

from where we cant return

Yes, life was very beautiful to spend

but the journey with all of you

had now come to an end

Very quietly I take my leave

as quietly as I came here

and Quietly I wave goodbye

to my companions near & dear

If it happened to be fated

that we meet again and pass a hello

trust me, I would certainly be elated

Hasta la vista

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


The verse,

“Very quietly I take my leave,
As quietly as I came here;
Quietly I wave good-bye,
To the rosy clouds in the western sky.

is an extract from a poem by  ‘Xu Zhimo’

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Theme Reveal for the A to Z blogging challenge 2015


Yay!!! Its my second year here.I happened to be a newbie last year to the world of AZing,but thoroughly enjoyed it all through.I took a bigger challenge by picking up a theme in my first year itself with Work in the corporate and yes,i could successfully survive it 🙂 which raised my confidence to stick to a theme this year aswell.After a much smaller rat race which i tried to present you then,this year ,it is on a larger scale.

Life lessons– from birth to death would be my theme for this years’ AtoZ blog challenge.

I am trying to pick up a phrase or a statement from various renowened poets’ life and death poems and make it a wordplay from thereon.

Though i dont commit for a variety of forms this year,one thing I guarentee is ,it wouldnt be much of philosophy when i say lessons keeping them short and sweet.I may even present it from a childs view to make it more fun.So stay tuned.

See you on 1st .


How much ever said is less….

Poesy plus Polemics

"This Sad Eye" Painting by Shann Larsson From “This Sad Eye”
Painting by Shann Larsson

barbarity sells bloodlust tickets
recruits mindless monsters
attended by ancient depravity
burning hot sand fills their hearts
satan squats in the flames of a
ruined and distempered creed
shits his love of hate fouling
whole cultures with victims
of virulent violence the child
who dares learn of secular
knowledge the daughters and
wives who pay with their
lives for the sins of their fathers
and husbands the numbers of
warm slaughtered innocent
corpses of civilized sects
these dead trophies amassed
in the name of an abject
devotion its clarion call
to rain down retribution
on any and all who would
challenge authority seized by
new caliphate agents those
deoband mullahs who stand
dripping butchery blood from
degenerate words of doxology
feet planted filthy and proud upon
bodies of women and children

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