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L: Life Rewards the DO-ers


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The verse,

” If he’d a reglar task to do,
He never took no rest;
Or if twas off-and-on — the same —
He done his level best.”

is picked up from a poem by  ‘Mark Twain’

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How Successful are we at Work?

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.


 ‘Have we ever thought of it?

Oh no!’

 From the start,

we did it our way

and now screwed up

Everything so simple,

now become complex

As success and failure,

are divided by a faint line

But, Realisation came,

only to say

‘It wouldn’t be,

all this bad,

had we ever thought of it!’

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Success seems t…

” Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go”

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