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Whose turn?

Well I have taken it long as the priority tasks have kept me on my toes.Yeah thats Life 😉 Even now i have tiptoed here just to release my rants for a while.So here it is:

We heard them some time ago in Iraq,
day before in US, yesterday in India,
today in Bangladesh and now in saudi
How much more of this do we need
To quarantine a community
when every single explosion
has their name inscribed on it

How much can any human tolerate
the acts of their so called God
who, only they can percieve
while their own brothers cannot
Is it fair to let them populate
the entire world with either their
people or the bodies of others

Why are the communities of humanity
unable to speak against one

Why are the nations unable to curb,
leave alone eliminating terrorism

Hope i get back to all of you soon after setting few things right.


How much ever said is less….

Poesy plus Polemics

"This Sad Eye" Painting by Shann Larsson From “This Sad Eye”
Painting by Shann Larsson

barbarity sells bloodlust tickets
recruits mindless monsters
attended by ancient depravity
burning hot sand fills their hearts
satan squats in the flames of a
ruined and distempered creed
shits his love of hate fouling
whole cultures with victims
of virulent violence the child
who dares learn of secular
knowledge the daughters and
wives who pay with their
lives for the sins of their fathers
and husbands the numbers of
warm slaughtered innocent
corpses of civilized sects
these dead trophies amassed
in the name of an abject
devotion its clarion call
to rain down retribution
on any and all who would
challenge authority seized by
new caliphate agents those
deoband mullahs who stand
dripping butchery blood from
degenerate words of doxology
feet planted filthy and proud upon
bodies of women and children

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Silent Prayer


Just another day,

someone else is prey

If this we call development?

Then sure it needs refinement

And what terrorism can we supress,

with all such plot our people possess?

Why all this brutality,

which degrades the nation’s quality?

Remember our very dear Gandhijis’ plight,

Freedom is when,women can walk alone at night

But what a pity rather shame,

that even broad daylight is up for the game

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