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Vikram seth

J: Juvenile learnings

Far too nervous, far too tense

Far too prone to influence

young are losing the lifes essence

giving up on their endurance.

Their lives could only make sense

if they add positive experience

and any misact of adolescence

would end up in lifelong repentance


© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

 AtoZ blog challenge


The verse,

“Far too nervous, far too tense.
Far too prone to influence..

is picked up from a poem by  ‘Vikram Seth’

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G: Get up and Get going

Before i proceed today,I would like to ask you one thing,doesn’t the title remind you of anything?

Yes,its my previous years G post which for many reasons,i wanted to retain the same.Well,i already mentioned that last year rite?So moving on,lets see what i got for Lesson Seven

The nature of the sun,

with all dignity you behold

Never would shun,

your quality to be bold

Neither stones nor prayers nor sticks.

Could get onto your way

either Insults or complaints or bricks

Can bring you dismay

show the world ,Whenever you

stumble over and fall

can arise and start again new

cos you’d never give up at all

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved



The verse,

“Neither stones nor prayers nor sticks.
Insults or complaints or bricks
Stilled the frogs determination
To display his heart’s elation.

is picked up from a poem by famous poet ‘VIKRAM SETH’

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