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“As the going gets tough,the tough gets going”.This stands good both for the   A to Z April Challenge and the next form i am talking about.Yes,its a


A form of folk poetry from Afghanistan , meant to be recited or sung aloud, and frequently anonymous. The form is a couplet comprised of 22 syllables, with the first line having 9 syllables and the second line 13 syllables. Landays are women oriented and treat themes such as love, grief, homeland, war, and separation.

How many women do you still need?

Custom you name it, to quench your thirst of year’s long greed

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Beauty Synonymous!

Beauty Synonymous!.

The ‘R’ word boomerangs

I see many blogs and facebook updates focussing on yet another incident in the country and more so in other countries too.Inspite of all that being said and done, still these incidents seem to happen at their own pace.What question always drives me crazy is  “Does punishment alone suffice the problem” and “not being punished aptly, the only reason to blame”.

I found this post beautifully expressed by the author,the primary rather the root cause of all these #Social issues.The language used by the author is very intriguing and has showcased a strong point of view.

This article (sattire write,do not just take the literal meaning)would sweep all the mothers for their sons’ upbringing.

My Son would Never Rape a Woman.

Is there anything which can be done by us than pray silently to bring psychological change that inturn brings a social change?

Soulless #Bring back our girls

Even with the change of the generation and the technology,some things doesnt seem to change.Maybe because they are so deep rooted in the society that it needs another son of #God or a form of God himself to come down to end such incidents from taking place.

I am talking now about an almost month long issue which seem to go nowhere,apart from the processions and demonstartions.But who should really act on it?

boko haram attack 1 boko haram attack 2


Who are they?
Brought dismay,
Native locals,
or anti-social?
Have no souls
to steal our girls,
with guns they speak,
show they’re weak


When the inner thought,
left to rot,
Dead you are,
and none on par,
in your burial bed,
out of victims dread,
with the evil shroud,
that you loved
© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


Heres a round up of the entire issue :


P.S: Part of the poem was originally written for Damyanti’s uncharted worlds.


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