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Party Time

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

Parties are quiet common in Corporate offices.There would be work requirements,deadlines,meetings on one side and to the other parties small or big to celebrate every occasion worth celebrating.So,

Put on party shoes

And let your body loose

Hey, everybody booze


But let it be lite*

It’s not Saturday night

Yeah, party time alright


  • ‘Lite’ means light beer with relatively few calories.

Be whatever the occasion,go forward and celebrate it according to the occasion.This keeps the work spirit high.




Company won award/Team reached a milestone-Party

I got promoted-Party

Colleague got engaged-Party

Team outing-Party

Deputy’s birthday-Party

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Oh My

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.



Oh my! not now,we might exclaim.It is at times disturbing when we had a good day at work but at the end of the day,something goes wrong which is not in our control and takes away the joy of the entire day. Here’s one such experience:


A beautiful day,

with the pleasant breeze

Turned cold,

and made us freeze


The bright sunshine,

swarmed by clouds

Sudden rain lashed,

with thunder aloud


The days’ work done,

had to return home

Oh this rain again,

like in Lome*


Helped ourselves,

to manage a cab

Settled down

and began to dab


Good god,

we decided to go

As for the rain,

no stop in its flow


Felt the wind,

gush through my face

And saw people,

all in the race


Sung all through,

though harsh and bold

Just to keep us,

off the cold


We hurried,

as the rain lashed

Though, on other walkers,

water we splashed


What a relief,

when we reached

Rushed indoors,

the sooner the cab screeched


Prayed the lord,

when I am back home

That tomorrow,

shouldn’t be the same


© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


[* Lome is a place Located on the Gulf of Guinea which has two rainy seasons.]


Night Shift

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.



Not many of us enjoy working at Night,even the best of the night owls have their own fears.


Night is on,

in its usual swing

My work begins to dawn,

that’s not an easy thing


The world has slept,

leaving me alone

But the moon has crept,

to show the dangers unknown


Every little sound,

makes me startle

I look around,

and begin to throttle


Peers told,

of ghosts on loose

And to be bold,

you must booze


But peaceful work,

if we could focus

Not many to quirk,

and create ruckus


Slowly I could see,

my fears drift

I let it be and,

began to enjoy my shift 

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved


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Men Vs Women

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

Most workplaces in the #Corporate world are often exposed to this situation.The #Men Vs #Women is a common comparison though they are teamed up for common project goals.Lets go through them individually before we take them together.


Forenoon we find them all on phone

Afternoon straightaway in smoking zone

Meetings they attend only if airborne

And perks they want to claim all alone


At home starts their first duty

And so career is always an ambiguity

Expects work with high flexibility

Believes NO makeup is below dignity

Now taking both of them togrtherlets see what the results are.

As per a New research on “Genders divided on workplace discrimination”,we find alarming results even in this era of Modernization :

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