me 1

Living in the city of Hyderabad (India) with my husband, I work for a Construction major as contracts professional. Love to write my heart out and have a special inclination towards poetry.

I prefer to use various rhyme and rhythm schemes, as I am one who’s struck with Rhyme disease often. My poetry dances in serious, humour, social, and satire genres and on most common to most weird topics. I like to experiment with various poetry forms as I believe positive changes in society can be achieved when people are exposed to more enjoyable forms of writing. Any questions why??

Here is the answer (in the words of a poetry lover):

syllabullous verbosity
ambiguates the clarity
conflates and misleads
deep disparity





you call it poetry
and turn up your nose

sorry, but I don’t see
any colour on your rose

Any art form is to be relished and enjoyed by one and all and complicating it in the name of talent is friends I want my poetry to be relished by not only poets but every other person and I see to that the above feel is not reflected in my works.