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Addiction(Never exist in isolation)

As humans of the modern world, we hear two sides of it, one is the spirituality version while other is the management version. The “I” and “we” …..but what is that one really wants…let’s be honest.

Philosophy might say

“you are solely responsible

For the happiness within”

But you cannot be selfless

Without being happy for others

Can you?

And that my dear,

Is being addicted to Love

and that you cannot exist

in isolation.

© uniqusatya, All rights reserved

Zeroed in

“Work in the corporate” is many of ours dream,

For AZ,that is my theme.

Ahh..We have come to the climax after all.Its been so much fun and i am so happy to be part of this great event as i didnt expect all this excitement.And to be honest,i had no clue at the start of this month that i could make it lol. Well i thank one and all for all the Blog Love they had shown on me and i hope the friendship would continue even after this month 😉 Nevertheless,i feel i kept my promise i made during the theme reveal. Didn’t I?

Well now time to see what Z has got for us.Every story need a happy ending,right?


Zeroed on a job finally and glad to have it too but Wait,now what’s the problem……


Alas, happened the deserving thing,

Time and again, I have been proving.

Goosebumps develop for those who hear,

All this makes me shiver with fear.

At my achievement, near and dear hail,

In contrast to that, I would wail.

She always makes for the big, they feel,

Grass is green on the other side, I appeal.

So do take care…


Once we HAVE ZEROED IN, we try all methods grow in our career without looking at the consequences of our actions.Remember the X,Y,Z things i told you 🙂

However at times people get stuck or slip and fall during the process of attaining utlimate success and so the cycle from A to Z repeats again till we could stand stable 😉



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