Moving forward, the next form of poetry for  A to Z April Challenge and Global Poetry Writing Month is


Originally an Arabic verse form dealing with loss and romantic love, adopted by medieval Persian poets. Consisting of syntactically and grammatically complete couplets, that are complete in themselves and each may and usually do deal with topics/subjects completely unrelated to each other. The form also has an intricate rhyme scheme; each couplet ends on the same word or phrase.


There is no such relationship equaling love, can there be?

as the one trusted too, Persecutor he turned out to be;

per se every wave seems to be fulfilled on its own

but when expected solace, a sea of ​​sadness  it turned out to be;

When looked into the soul, it made all sense to me,

Ah! Fertile what was thought, barren it turned out to be;

 Either with my gentle hands or with my warm breath,

I tried to embrace him, alas only a stone he turned out to be

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